1-Nen A-Gumi No Monster

1-Nen A-Gumi No Monster is a manga that follows the adventures of five elementary school kids who are monsters. Toshio, Akane, Haruaki, Yuki, and Himi have to deal with what it means to be a monster in today’s society as they struggle through their daily lives. How do you go on living when your best friend doesn’t know what you are? What does it feel like not being able to eat anything but meat? And how can you spend time at home alone without getting bored? These are just some of the things these kids have had to face up until now. Join them as they continue their journey into adulthood!

Alternative :1年A組のモンスター; 1학년 A반의 몬스터; 1st grade, class A of monster
Author(s) :Hideki
Genres:Comedy – Romance – School life – Shounen – Slice of life
Updated :Sep 30,2021 – 11:09 AM
View :6,136,088

1-Nen A-Gumi No Monster Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 42: Sensei, Will You Take Responsibility? (Part 1)14,320Sep 30,21
Chapter 41: Sensei, I Don’t Want To Quit After All!17,683Sep 16,21
Chapter 40: Sensei, Should I Quit?18,110Sep 09,21
Vol.7 Chapter 39: A Little Bit Of A Demon19,082Sep 05,21
Vol.7 Chapter 38: Sensei, This Is A Part-Time Job21,332Aug 26,21
Chapter 37: Sensei, It’s A Secret ♥44,637Aug 24,21
Chapter 36: Sensei, Shouldn’t We Fight?21,739Aug 21,21
Chapter 35.2: Sensei, I Will Never Forgive You20,884Aug 18,21
Chapter 35.1: Sensei, I Will Never Forgive You21,243Aug 14,21
Chapter 34.2: Sensei, It’s An Incident24,746Aug 06,21
Chapter 34.1: Sensei, It’s An Accident26,620Aug 01,21
Chapter 33: I’m Just…27,241Jul 27,21
Vol.6 Chapter 32.2: Sensei, Please Don’t Run26,420Jul 25,21
Vol.6 Chapter 32.1: Sensei, Please Don’t Run Away.26,461Jul 24,21
Chapter 31: Teacher, Why?28,865Jul 23,21
Chapter 30: Teacher, Who Am I?32,084Jul 17,21
Vol.6 Chapter 29: Sensei, Were You Always This Useless?39,318Mar 18,21
Vol.6 Chapter 28: Sensei, Are You Hiding Something?51,916Jan 24,21
Vol.5 Chapter 27: If This Didn’t Happen…45,243Dec 06,20
Vol.5 Chapter 26: Sensei, It’s Hard, Isn’t It?43,549Sep 29,20
Vol.5 Chapter 25: Sensei, Can You Save Her?41,319Aug 19,20
Vol.5 Chapter 24: Sensei, After All, We’re The Same45,519Jul 13,20
Vol.5 Chapter 23: Sensei, I Don’t Want To Be Involved Anymore46,340May 29,20
Vol.5 Chapter 22: Sensei, It S A Jam?56,593Apr 21,20
Vol.4 Chapter 21: Don T You Understand…?91,063Feb 16,20
Vol.2 Chapter 20: Sensei, Do You Know What Black Lilies Represent?90,287Dec 31,19
Chapter 19: You Scared, Sensei?90,005Nov 19,19
Vol.2 Chapter 18: Sensei, What Can I Do?94,402Oct05,19
Chapter 17: Sensei, You Don T Hate Me, Do You?90,129Oct 01,19
Chapter 16: Why…100,983Aug 25,19
Chapter 15: Sensei, Do You Understand?106,634Aug 25,19
Chapter 14: Sensei, You Suck At Dealing With Girls108,355Aug 25,19
Chapter 13: Sensei, Are You A Big Fat Liar?111,291Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Sensei, What Happened That Day?134,227Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Sensei…134,061Aug 25,19
Chapter 10: Sensei,”hananaka” Or “me”?127,146Aug 25,19
Chapter 9: Sensei, Is It Alright This Way?130,350Aug 25,19
Chapter 8: Sensei, Call Me Cute!130,342Aug 25,19
Chapter 7: Sensei, Are You For Real?138,494Aug 25,19
Chapter 6: Sensei, What Are “friends”?143,199Aug 25,19
Chapter 5: 1St Grade, Class A Of Monster159,924Aug 25,19
Chapter 4: Sensei, Please Don T Leave Me Behind148,220Aug 25,19
Chapter 3: Sensei, Please Save Me153,273Aug 25,19
Chapter 2: Sensei, Please Take Responsibility.178,950Aug 25,19
Chapter 1: I Can T Stomach A Creepy Teacher Like You389,249Aug 25,19

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