A Capable Maid

The show Maids is a slice-of-life anime about the lives of women working as maids in Tokyo, Japan. The series follows their day-to-day routines and what happens when they are not at work. There are moments that make you laugh out loud while others will touch your heartstrings. It’s a perfect series for anyone who loves comedy or drama!

A Capable Maid

A Capable Maid
Title ID:
Alt name(s): 능력 있는 시녀님
Author:Sanho Yuin
Genre:Drama, Historical Romance Shoujo
Rating: 4.69
Pub. status:Ongoing
Stats:Views 19,363,096, Epi 58
Description:The useless maid, Marie, has never been able to do anything correctly. But, after caring for a dying prisoner, she becomes the person she had always wanted to be. This is the start of the capable maid, Marie.

A Capable Maid Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 5848,909Oct 09,21
Chapter 5760,902Oct 01,21
Chapter 56105,402Jul 29,21
Chapter 5561,058Jul 29,21
Chapter 54110,099Jul 09,21
Chapter 53101,592Jun 21,21
Chapter 52145,100Apr 18,21
Chapter 51139,195Mar 27,21
Chapter 50138,873Mar 12,21
Chapter 49121,277Mar 08,21
Chapter 48129,412Mar 01,21
Chapter 47126,388Feb 21,21
Chapter 46154,858Jan 09,21
Chapter 45115,961Dec 05,20
Chapter 4499,055Nov 15,20
Chapter 43100,291Nov 06,20
Chapter 4298,525Nov 03,20
Chapter 4190,121Nov 03,20
Chapter 40106,829Oct 27,20
Chapter 39118,405Aug 10,20
Chapter 3895,874Aug 08,20
Chapter 37111,784Jul 14,20
Chapter 36118,125Jun 21,20
Chapter 35118,929Jun 03,20
Chapter 34118,134May 21,20
Chapter 33125,424May 14,20
Chapter 32133,757May 08,20
Chapter 31143,355Apr 20,20
Chapter 30136,894Apr 16,20
Chapter 29184,054Mar 30,20
Chapter 28187,043Mar 19,20
Chapter 27216,213Feb 20,20
Chapter 26211,890Feb 05,20
Chapter 25231,752Jan 12,20
Chapter 24188,049Jan 11,20
Chapter 23180,263Jan 11,20
Chapter 22197,582Jan 10,20
Chapter 21210,454Dec 31,19
Chapter 20189,013Dec 31,19
Chapter 19205,495Dec 27,19
Chapter 18202,389Dec 20,19
Chapter 17221,100Dec 17,19
Chapter 16211,074Dec 17,19
Chapter 15283,921Dec 17,19
Chapter 14195,138Dec 15,19
Chapter 13221,242Nov 13,19
Chapter 12203,254Nov 08,19
Chapter 11193,941Nov 05,19
Chapter 10189,722Nov 05,19
Chapter 9189,969Nov 05,19
Chapter 8213,231Oct 20,19
Chapter 7190,366Oct 20,19
Chapter 6194,176Oct 20,19
Chapter 5221,132Sep 28,19
Chapter 4229,043Aug 25,19
Chapter 3221,631Aug 25,19
Chapter 2223,665Aug 25,19
Chapter 1269,800Aug 25,19

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