Berserk Of Gluttony

Berserk Of Gluttony is a manga that follows the story of an ordinary man who turns into a demon. The series is written and illustrated by Kyoichi Nanatsuki, who has also worked on other popular manga such as Blade Of The Immortal. Within this series, the protagonist transforms into an obese, cannibalistic demon with superhuman strength after consuming human flesh for the first time in his life. This blog will explore what it means to be berserk and how Berserk Of Gluttony subverts expectations within its story.

Berserk Of Gluttony Episodes List

Chapter 3868,003Sep 29,21
Chapter 3794,974Aug 21,21
Chapter 3669,725Aug 21,21
Chapter 35168,468May 28,21
Chapter 34152,207Apr 22,21
Chapter 33: The Royal Capital’s Military District181,675Mar 09,21
Chapter 32: The Unchangeable Place182,299Feb 28,21
Chapter 31: The Black Knight204,357Jan 16,21
Chapter 30: The Fourth Rank174,666Nov 11,20
Chapter 29: Decision Time154,184Oct 09,20
Chapter 28: The Roaring Dragon That Rules The Heavens151,204Sep 05,20
Chapter 27: The Death March154,235Aug 04,20
Chapter 26: The Black Sword & The Holy Sword143,102Jul 11,20
Chapter 25: The Bottom Of The Cavity138,818Jun 23,20
Chapter 24: The Great Valley Of Fate147,523Jun 16,20
Chapter 23: The Warrior Mukuro Returns.238,804May 07,20
Chapter 22: Reunion With The White Holy Knight312,726Apr 26,20
Chapter 21: The Barrier Chimera323,240Apr 10,20
Chapter 20: Power Drawn Out249,312Apr 10,20
Chapter 19: Myne S Request334,456Mar 28,20
Chapter 18343,438Feb 29,20
Chapter 17: A Town Governed By Death346,429Feb 14,20
Vol.1 Chapter 16: Knight Of The Dusk450,376Dec 17,19
Chapter 15: The Stout Arm That Surrounds The Sand473,208Sep 09,19
Chapter 14: The Desert Of Ruin462,652Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 13: The Weight Of A Fist461,038Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 12: A Still Village439,411Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 11: Second Form444,040Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 10: Parting Road429,001Aug 25,19
Chapter 9: The Greedy Strike453,227Aug 25,19
Chapter 8439,904Aug 25,19
Chapter 7433,390Aug 25,19
Chapter 6: First Form435,904Aug 25,19
Chapter 5: Devouring431,817Aug 25,19
Chapter 4: The Dark Side Of The Heart Family454,307Aug 25,19
Chapter 3484,651Aug 25,19
Chapter 2457,729Aug 25,19
Chapter 1487,614Aug 25,19

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