I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!

I swear I won’t bother you again! is a manga blog post that shows the events of how the protagonist, Akane, got into her current predicament. It is told in an engaging tone and promises not to bore or annoy readers with constant updates.

It was my first day at school when it happened. All I wanted to do was get away from my abusive parents so they couldn’t hurt me anymore but I didn’t know what life would be like on my own without them there for me. The only reason why people were nice to me was that they felt sorry for me and nobody thought anything of it when I killed myself-I’m too young anyway. That’s all about to change though because this time around, after being reincarnate

Alternative Kondo wa Zettai Jama Shimasen!; I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again!
Author(s)Harukawa Haru – Reina Soratani
GenresRomance – Shoujo
UpdatedSep 09,2021 – 02:00 AM
Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 1835,856Sep 09,21
Chapter 1752,572Jun 21,21
Chapter 1675,093Apr 01,21
Chapter 1562,090Feb 20,21
Chapter 14.259,981Dec 31,20
Chapter 14.151,993Nov 13,20
Chapter 13.551,590Aug 18,20
Chapter 1350,481Aug 08,20
Chapter 12.338,330Aug 08,20
Chapter 12.249,102Jun 18,20
Chapter 12.145,578Jun 18,20
Chapter 11.5133,188Mar 03,20
Chapter 11.2103,835Mar 03,20
Chapter 11.1168,137Jan 14,20
Chapter 10.2148,049Dec 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 10158,560Nov 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 9144,899Oct 31,19
Vol.2 Chapter 8132,184Oct 31,19
Vol.1 Chapter 7155,503Oct 10,19
Chapter 6177,268Aug 25,19
Chapter 5.5163,682Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 5181,585Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 4186,130Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 3199,409Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2219,066Aug 25,19
Chapter 1247,825Aug 25,19

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