Jubunnoichi No Hanayome

In this blog post, I will be tweeting about the popular manga Jubunnoichi no Hanayome. This novel is a great read for those who love a good laugh! The story follows a high school girl named Haha-chan as she meets her fiancé and starts to live with him. He has five brothers, each with their own personality quirks that make living together interesting. One of them even likes to play violin in the middle of the night! If you’re looking for something lighthearted and funny, then this is definitely worth checking out. You can find more information below or on my profile page!

Alternative :1/10 no Hanayome; 1/10の花嫁 ; Jubunnoichi no Hanayome,
Author(s) : Yukino
Status : Ongoing
Genres : Drama – Harem – Mystery – Seinen – Smut
Updated : Sep 21,2021 – 01:04 AM
View : 3,820,809

Jubunnoichi No Hanayome Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 59.519,473Sep 21,21
Chapter 5916,250Sep 21,21
Chapter 5812,574Sep 21,21
Chapter 5710,825Sep 21,21
Chapter 559,750Sep 21,21
Chapter 548,254Sep 21,21
Chapter 537,724Sep 21,21
Chapter 527,891Sep 21,21
Chapter 518,296Sep 21,21
Chapter 508,380Sep 21,21
Chapter 49.57,468Sep 21,21
Chapter 497,553Sep 21,21
Chapter 487,343Sep 21,21
Chapter 477,112Sep 21,21
Chapter 467,831Sep 21,21
Chapter 447,619Sep 21,21
Chapter 437,529Sep 21,21
Chapter 427,868Sep 21,21
Chapter 418,531Sep 21,21
Chapter 409,137Sep 21,21
Vol.4 Chapter 39.538,372Mar 03,21
Vol.4 Chapter 39: Fuck You Hime Special Edition31,096Mar 03,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3827,669Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3720,309Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3620,127Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3517,939Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3417,454Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3317,488Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3217,175Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3118,386Feb 26,21
Vol.4 Chapter 3018,451Feb 26,21
Vol.3 Chapter 29.530,106Jan 06,21
Vol.3 Chapter 2924,004Jan 06,21
Vol.3 Chapter 2825,952Nov 23,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2720,918Nov 23,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2623,971Oct 31,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2520,426Oct 31,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2423,972Oct 15,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2323,472Oct 04,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2225,354Sep 20,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2125,929Sep 14,20
Vol.3 Chapter 2028,625Aug 30,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1927,320Aug 15,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1827,174Aug 08,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1723,914Aug 02,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1623,750Aug 02,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1525,074Aug 02,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1429,518Jul 19,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1329,296Jul 11,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1227,140Jul 11,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1130,269Jul 03,20
Vol.2 Chapter 1032,042Jun 27,20
Vol.1 Chapter 932,213Jun 20,20
Vol.1 Chapter 832,503Jun 20,20
Vol.1 Chapter 737,673Jun 13,20
Vol.2 Chapter 646,521May 23,20
Vol.1 Chapter 583,066Jan 29,20
Chapter 4108,172Aug 25,19
Chapter 3120,508Aug 25,19
Chapter 2137,526Aug 25,19
Chapter 1213,379Aug 25,19

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