Lust Geass

“Lust Geass” is an ongoing manga series that was first serialized in the Japanese magazine, “Weekly Young Jump.” The protagonist of this story is Tokaku Azuma. She’s just transferred to a prestigious school for assassins and has already caught the attention of her classmates due to her skill with guns. But when she gets mixed up in some teenage antics, she soon finds herself on the run from not only her classmates but also law enforcement!

Alternative :ラストギアス
Author(s) :Takahashi Osamu
Status : Ongoing
Genres : Comedy – Harem – Romance – Seinen – Smut
Updated : Oct 05,2021 – 11:07 AM
View :6,983,084

Lust Geass Episodes List

Chapter name
Chapter 3828,574Oct 05,21
Chapter 37Aug 05,2151,380
Chapter 3640,032Jul 20,21
Chapter 3531,616Jul 19,21
Chapter 3428,340Jul 18,21
Chapter 3333,148Jul 16,21
Chapter 3234,583Jul 14,21
Chapter 3127,586Jul 14,21
Chapter 3077,548Jan 17,21
Chapter 2946,960Dec 05,20
Chapter 2844,185Nov 18,20
Chapter 2744,690Nov 02,20
Chapter 2647,200Oct 27,20
Chapter 2546,409Oct 27,20
Chapter 2449,876Aug 02,20
Chapter 2345,473Jul 21,20
Chapter 2243,860Jul 13,20
Chapter 2142,217Jul 09,20
Chapter 2046,514Jul 06,20
Chapter 1944,825Jul 05,20
Chapter 1849,884Jun 30,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1774,210May 06,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1671,899May 04,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1576,704May 02,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1473,297May 01,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1378,382Apr 30,20
Vol.3 Chapter 1293,548Apr 26,20
Vol.2 Chapter 11184,893Sep 21,19
Vol.2 Chapter 10152,360Sep 11,19
Vol.2 Chapter 9162,520Sep 07,19
Vol.2 Chapter 8189,265Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 7186,920Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 6173,345Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 5246,067Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 4239,028Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 3236,056Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2272,533Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 1364,945Aug 25,19
Vol.0 Chapter : Oneshot293,229Aug 25,19

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