Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen ☆ Ore No Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu.

Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen is a manga series created by the author, Tamako. It’s an easy-to-read manga with cute characters and amusing dialogue. The story follows two girls who are new to America, Jenny and Nanae. They attend school at Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen, where they have adventures in their day-to-day lives while learning about life in America!
Audience: Readers of all ages who want a fun story that is easier to read than your average comic book or graphic novel.

Alternative:Genderbender Yankee School ☆ They’re Trying to Take My First Time.; 女体化ヤンキー学園 ~オレのハジメテ、狙われてます。~
Author(s):Takao Yori
Genres:Comedy – Gender bender – Romance – Smut
Jun 19,2021 – 00:42 AM
readkissmanga.com Rate: 4.34/ 5 – 1010 votes

Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen ☆ Ore No Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu. Chapters List

Yoru no Kaze (Yoru’s Wind) is a story about the protagonist, Yoru, who has just transferred to the prestigious Yankee Gakuen. He is both excited and nervous about his first day at school. He wants to make friends but he also wants to be able to protect them if need be. When Yoru meets up with his childhood friend, Midori, on the way into school she tells him that they are alike because they like protecting others! Is this where their friendship starts? – Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen ☆ Ore No Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu. Chapters List

ChaptersViewsUploads Date
Chapter 41 Raw : Chapter 41 Raw42,460Apr 27,21
Chapter 40 Raw14,189Apr 27,21
Chapter 39 Raw : Chapter 39 Raw15,377Apr 27,21
Chapter 388,446Jun 19,21
Raw13,352Apr 27,21
Chapter 3717,068Apr 27,21
Chapter 3612,088Apr 27,21
Chapter 3511,882Apr 27,21
Chapter 3411,463Apr 27,21
Chapter 334,413Jun 19,21
Chapter 3211,520Apr 27,21
Chapter 3111,367Apr 27,21
Chapter 3012,107Apr 27,21
Chapter 2911,192Apr 27,21
Chapter 28 : 2811,325Apr 27,21
Chapter 2711,331Apr 27,21
Chapter 2611,705Apr 27,21
Chapter 2512,786Apr 27,21
Chapter 245,543Jun 19,21
Chapter 2312,848Apr 27,21
Chapter 2212,713Apr 27,21
Chapter 2112,898Apr 27,21
Chapter 2013,510Apr 27,21
Chapter 1912,539Apr 27,21
Chapter 1814,706Apr 27,21
Chapter 1715,060Apr 27,21
Chapter 1615,646Apr 27,21
Chapter 1516,236Apr 27,21
Chapter 147,376Jun 19,21
Chapter 1317,324Apr 27,21
Chapter 1217,962Apr 27,21
Chapter 11.516,242Apr 27,21
Chapter 1119,699Apr 27,21
Chapter 1022,054Apr 27,21
Vol.1 Chapter 9223,856Aug 25,19
Chapter 8.57,732Jun 19,21
Vol.1 Chapter 8266,470Aug 25,19
Chapter 79,772Jun 19,21
Vol.1 Chapter 6202,517Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 5184,557Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 4193,854Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 3217,674Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2261,405Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 1344,350Aug 25,19

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