Ookii Onnanoko Wa Daisuki Desu Ka?

“Ookii Onnanoko Wa Daisuki Desu Ka?” is a manga that follows the life of Mikan, an elementary school-aged girl who lives with her auntie. The story starts off when she’s being bullied by some kids at school for being fat. She has two friends at school named Ann and Shiho but they are often busy so their friend group isn’t very big or stable.

Her family is too busy to be able to spend time with her which leads to her feeling lonely most of the time. Despite this, she still manages to have fun every day! This blog post will give you a glimpse into what life in Japan can be like for children growing up there today. Ookii On

Alternative:大きい女の子は好きですか? (Japanese); Do You Like Big Girls? (English); Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki Desu ka?; Daisuki Onnanoko wa Daisuki Desu ka?
Author(s):Aizome Gorou,
Genres:Adult, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School life, Seinen,
Updated:Mar-04-2021 21:02:12 PM
readkissmanga.com Rate: 4.52 / 5 – 1065 votes

Ookii Onnanoko Wa Daisuki Desu Ka? Episodes List

Vol.6 Chapter 53: Into the dream.70,212Mar-04-21
Vol.6 Chapter 52: A Long Road to Victory32,779Mar-04-21
Vol.6 Chapter 51: The new path is difficult !?27,708Mar-04-21
Vol.6 Chapter 50: Director discharged!! and….29,154Mar-04-21
Vol.6 Chapter 49: Molester experience of slutty girl30,684Mar-04-21
Vol.6 Chapter 48: Overcoming Challenges With Mama48,310Feb-19-21
Vol.5 Chapter 46: The Love Juice Contamination Case!!?84,528May-09-20
Vol.5 Chapter 45: Onee-chan’s Gonna Practice!60,547May-08-20
Vol.5 Chapter 44: Attack No.44 Let’s Try Putting it in, Cuckoo62,182May-07-20
Vol.5 Chapter 43: An Unexpectedly Tough Enemy!!168,588Oct-08-19
Vol.5 Chapter 42: Wandering Girl Embarks on a Trip150,139Aug-14-19
Chapter 41: Today, I’m Going on a Date with Him ♀150,820Jul-14-19
Chapter 40151,809Jun-26-19
Chapter 39200,925Oct-21-18
Chapter 38146,404Oct-20-18
Chapter 37135,548Oct-20-18
Chapter 36143,994Oct-18-18
Chapter 35192,695Jun-04-18
Chapter 34172,540Sep-26-17
Chapter 33149,053Sep-05-17
Chapter 32135,464Sep-05-17
Chapter 31135,257Sep-05-17
Chapter 30144,721Jul-28-17
Chapter 29131,335Jul-28-17
Chapter 28130,349Jul-28-17
Chapter 27129,742Jul-28-17
Chapter 26139,697Oct-14-16
Chapter 25139,618Oct-14-16
Chapter 24133,687Oct-14-16
Chapter 23131,189Jan-20-16
Chapter 22131,974Jan-20-16
Chapter 21136,874Jul-28-17
Chapter 20147,516Jan-20-16
Chapter 19140,253Jan-20-16
Chapter 18138,211Jan-20-16
Chapter 17142,207Jan-20-16
Chapter 16145,502Jan-20-16
Chapter 15148,984Jan-20-16
Chapter 14152,411Jan-20-16
Chapter 13153,257Jan-20-16
Chapter 12160,067Jan-20-16
Chapter 11170,645Jan-20-16
Chapter 10172,397Jan-20-16
Chapter 9173,544Jan-20-16
Chapter 8185,980Jan-20-16
Chapter 7201,158Jan-20-16
Chapter 6201,947Jan-20-16
Chapter 5204,827Jan-20-16
Chapter 4217,501Jan-20-16
Chapter 3234,449Jan-20-16
Chapter 2270,503Jan-20-16
Chapter 1337,730Jan-20-16

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