Pansuto is a new webcomic series about an adorable and fluffy creature who lives in Japan. The comic features real-life locations and popular culture references to keep readers entertained, while also teaching them about Japanese culture. We follow Pansuto on his adventures as he learns the customs of Japan’s people and eats delicious food! Join us for this heartwarming story that’ll help you learn more about the country we love so much!

Alternative :Pandora x strip; PanSt.; ぱンすと。
Author(s) :Okada Kazuto
Status :Ongoing
Genres :Comedy – Harem – Romance – School life – Seinen – Smut
Updated :Sep 17,2021 – 22:19 PM
View :4,821,365

Pansuto Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 48: Ties Bound…ties Coming Loose…26,500Sep 17,21
Chapter 47: Those Who Veil Themselves Are The Most Honest28,048Sep 02,21
Chapter 46: Hide-And-Seek Of Love29,559Aug 17,21
Chapter 45: If This Was A Dream…32,220Jul 28,21
Chapter 44: Room Of Secrets31,014Jul 10,21
Chapter 4331,382Jun 26,21
Chapter 4221,988Jun 26,21
Chapter 4140,187May 21,21
Chapter 4031,555May 09,21
Chapter 3936,780Apr 24,21
Chapter 3836,886Apr 11,21
Chapter 3735,472Apr 05,21
Vol.5 Chapter 36: I Can See It Just Fine! ❤43,870Mar 12,21
Vol.5 Chapter 35: You’re Just Like Me, Huh!?33,988Feb 27,21
Vol.5 Chapter 34: Desert And Oasis34,747Feb 13,21
Vol.4 Chapter 33: Feeling Sooo Hazy Tonight~!39,828Jan 29,21
Vol.4 Chapter 32: It’s Because It’s You38,770Jan 16,21
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Even If I Can’t See It, I Can Still Feel It♥41,520Jan 03,21
Vol.4 Chapter 30: Plenty Of Dreams Involving Abandoned Buildings ❤34,505Dec 10,20
Vol.4 Chapter 29: Isn’t This Verification Wicked…!?30,947Dec 04,20
Vol.4 Chapter 28: Enveloped By Heartbeats34,669Oct 23,20
Vol.4 Chapter 27: So A Love Hotel Is Like An Internment Camp…!?34,128Oct 06,20
Vol.4 Chapter 26: It’s Time To Go Shopping!30,587Sep 17,20
Vol.4 Chapter 25: As If I’d Lose!32,236Aug 27,20
Vol.3 Chapter 24: When The Rain Stops…my Dreams Solidify34,032Aug 15,20
Vol.3 Chapter 23: Sensei’s First Time ♥41,490Aug 08,20
Vol.3 Chapter 22: I’m Overflowing31,646Aug 03,20
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Unexpectedly…this Is…!29,467Jul 25,20
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Sensei Is Vicious! 32,680Jul 14,20 
Vol.3 Chapter 19: An Exclamation Of Love From The Bottom Of The Well30,393Jun 25,20
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Speaking Of Dating Essentials…!31,055Jun 08,20
Vol.3 Chapter 17: The Cardboard Box Time Capsule38,229May 17,20
Vol.3 Chapter 16: Sensei’s This, And That And Everything Else…!48,263May 02,20
Vol.2 Chapter 15: The Right Way To Use Pansuto47,534Apr 20,20
Vol.2 Chapter 14: My Time Of Joy65,422Apr 06,20
Vol.2 Chapter 13: A Small Wish And A Big Wish64,196Mar 29,20
Vol.2 Chapter 12: Grant Me Courage!73,605Mar 17,20
Vol.2 Chapter 11: Isn’t Just A Single Layer Enough?83,490Feb 28,20
Vol.2 Chapter 10: That’s Perverted!97,918Feb 15,20
Vol.2 Chapter 9: Sensei’s Haunting109,308Jan 25,20
Vol.2 Chapter 8: The Gentle Sunset136,146Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 7: Downwards Inclined155,465Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 6: The Jukujo With The Butterfly Tattoo141,165Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 5: What Are You Looking For?145,722Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 4: Everyone’s Worries161,283Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 3: Like An Adult181,515Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2: Slight Progress206,057Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 1330,553Aug 25,19

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