Return of the Female Knight

A new manga series is being released on October 27th, 2018. This series will be based on the female knight that was introduced in the first episode of season two of The Knight’s & Magic anime series. The story follows a young man who has lost his family and seeks revenge by becoming an adventurer.

When he goes to register for his adventurer exam, he meets a beautiful girl with silver hair wearing armor who tells him she’ll train him as her apprentice because she can’t have any more apprentices at this time. He accepts her offer and starts training with her but soon realizes that something about this quest may not be what it seems…

Rating Average 4.5 / 5 out of 40
Rank N/A, it has 8.1K monthly views
Author(s)Lee Halin
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Tag(s) Updating

Return of the Female Knight Episode List

Chapter 18.5August 18 2021
Chapter 18August 18 2021
Chapter 17.5August 17 2021
Chapter 17August 17 2021
Chapter 16July  31 2021
Chapter 15July  31 2021
Chapter 14July  30 2021
Chapter 13July  30 2021
Chapter 12July  5 2021
Chapter 11June 24 2021
Chapter 10June 24 2021
Chapter 9April 27 2021
Chapter 8April 15 2021
Chapter 7April 13 2021
Chapter 6April 2 2021
Chapter 5March 26 2021
Chapter 4March 16 2021
Chapter 3March 16 2021
Chapter 2March 16 2021
Chapter 1March 16 2021

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