Rooster Fighter Manga Series

“Rooster Fighter” is a manga about the adventures of Sammy, an eleventh-grade student with a reputation for being spoiled and unkind. When she’s not getting into trouble at school or fighting her classmates, she can be found in the dojo mastering her martial arts skills, often sparring with her teacher or best friend Rachel.

One day after school Rachel invites Sammy to go on a hike that they’ve been planning for weeks, but when they get there it’s dark and all their stuff has gone missing! To make matters worse their cell phones don’t work so there’s no way to call anyone for help. Between the darkness and thick forest terrain around them, both girls are scared out of their wits until Sammy thinks back

Alternative :Niwatori Faita ; Savaşçı Horoz ; Боевой петух ; ニワトリ・ファイター
Author(s) :Sakuratani Shū
Status :Ongoing
Genres :Action – Comedy – Shounen – Smut
Updated :Jul 22,2021 – 20:47 PM
View :672,154

Rooster Fighter Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 5: The Heartbreaking Farewell23,250Jul 22,21
Chapter 4:29,382Mar 19,21
Chapter 3: Feather 3: Missing Home, A Bird Rests On A Branch Looking South41,593Jan 20,21
Chapter 2: Without A Trace49,121Jan 04,21
Chapter 1: 1º Feather: Chaotic Reunion56,740Jan 04,21

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