Seoul Station Druid MAnga Series

In a world where humans have been living side by side with supernatural beings for centuries, the balance between the two is delicate. But when a new threat comes to Seoul Station and threatens to destroy not only it but also its surrounding environment, all sides must band together in order to save what they love most.

The beginning of this manga series is exciting and fun as we see our main character Sung-Joon become a part of the “Druid” community that helps protect Seoul Station from harm. He quickly befriends other Druids at his school who are excited about their abilities and curious about those who cannot use magic. There’s also an interesting romance storyline unfolding as he meets another Druid girl named Han-ji who has some secrets up

RatingAverage 4.4 / 5 out of 20
RankN/A, it has 11.5K monthly views
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

Seoul Station Druid Episodes List

Chapter 21October 11 2021
Chapter 20October 11 2021
Chapter 19October 11 2021
Chapter 18September 20 2021
Chapter 17September 20 2021
Chapter 16August 26 2021
Chapter 15August 20 2021
Chapter 14August 12 2021
Chapter 13August 11 2021
Chapter 12August 4 2021
Chapter 11August 4 2021
Chapter 10August 4 2021
Chapter 9August 4 2021
Chapter 8August 4 2021
Chapter 7August 4 2021
Chapter 6August 4 2021
Chapter 5August 4 2021
Chapter 4August 4 2021
Chapter 3August 4 2021
Chapter 2August 4 2021
Chapter 1August 4 2021

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