Sono Mono. Nochi Ni… (Shinichirou Nariie)

In the award-winning manga, Sono Mono. Nochi Ni…, Shinichirou Nariie tells a story of loss and recovery from war through the eyes of a young girl who is struggling to recover from PTSD. In this blog post, we will be talking about what it’s like for someone with PTSD to go back into an environment that triggers their trauma.

The book starts off by showing how difficult everyday life can be for people living with PTSD–the difficulties they face in going everywhere, including school or work. One day, Yuki goes out on her own and gets lost because she was unable to find her way home after being triggered by a sudden sound from outside. It is revealed at this point that not only does she have

Alternative :Sono Mono. Nochi ni…(Nariie Shin’ichirou) ; Sono Mono. Nochi ni… (NARIIE Shinichirou) ; That Person. Later on… ; その者。のちに…(成家慎一郎)
Author(s) : Nariie Shinichirou – Nahato
Status: Ongoing
Genres : Action – Adventure – Comedy – Drama – Fantasy – Harem – Romance – Shounen
Updated : Oct 01,2021 – 11:26 AM
View : 12,932,742

Sono Mono. Nochi Ni… (Shinichirou Nariie) Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 2462,308Oct 01,21
Chapter 2389,584Aug 29,21
Chapter 22.285,844Aug 27,21
Chapter 22.1113,766Jul 13,21
Chapter 21.5145,257May 26,21
Chapter 21161,547Apr 11,21
Chapter 20159,073Feb 22,21
Chapter 19158,573Jun 24,20
Chapter 18125,588Jun 12,20
Chapter 17.2141,441May 21,20
Chapter 17.1198,607Apr 11,20
Chapter 16217,672Apr 03,20
Chapter 15229,071Mar 24,20
Chapter 14251,131Jan 22,20
Chapter 13240,956Nov 10,19
Chapter 12233,924Oct 06,19
Chapter 11237,346Sep 06,19
Chapter 10.5222,780Aug 25,19
Chapter 10245,984Aug 25,19
Chapter 9250,231Aug 25,19
Chapter 8251,473Aug 25,19
Chapter 7260,580Aug 25,19
Chapter 6261,537Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 5.5255,708Aug 25,19
Chapter 5331,111Aug 25,19
Chapter 4276,560Aug 25,19
Chapter 3279,996Aug 25,19
Chapter 2291,309Aug 25,19
Chapter 1340,523Aug 25,19

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