Strongest King

Strongest King! This blog post will be on the Strongest King. The manga series is about a boy named Shin who is determined to become the strongest person in his school. He tries out for every club and activity, but he always gets turned down because of his timid voice and shy personality. With help from an older student, he learns how to be more assertive and confident in himself while still staying true to his gentle nature. Now that you know what this blog post is about, let’s get started!

The manga series “Strongest King” follows a shy high schooler named Shin as he tries out for everything at school – soccer team captain, baseball team captain, class president – only to find that nobody wants him because of his timid voice

RatingAverage 4 / 5 out of 3
RankN/A, it has 289 monthly views

Strongest King Episodes List

Chapter 2January 14 2021
Chapter 1January 14 2021

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