Tensei Kizoku No Isekai Boukenroku ~Jichou Wo Shiranai Kamigami No Shito~

The story follows the protagonist, a 20-year-old Japanese boy named Yuuki Morigami who died in an accident and became a ghost. One day, he encounters a girl being chased by monsters and decides to help her. To his surprise, the girl stabs him with a sword that sends him back into his body! The next thing he knows, he’s sitting on top of some kind of stone altar in front of an unfamiliar goddess.

She tells him about how she accidentally killed him while saving the girl from dying at the hands of two beastly men. The goddess asks for forgiveness before bringing Yuuki back to life again so they can continue their adventure together! Join them as they explore this new world where gods live among humans!

Alternative :Adventure Record of Reincarnated Aristocrat ~ The apostle of Gods who doesn’t know self-esteem~; Wonderful adventure in Another world! “God… That’s going too far!!” he said…; 転生貴族の異世界冒険録 ~自重を知らない神々の使徒~ ; 转生贵族的异世界冒险录
Author(s) :Nini – Yashu
Status :Ongoing
Genres :Action – Fantasy – Harem – Historical – Romance – Shounen
Updated :Oct 09,2021 – 21:24 PM
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Tensei Kizoku No Isekai Boukenroku ~Jichou Wo Shiranai Kamigami No Shito~ Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 3777,647Oct 09,21
Chapter 36109,594Oct 06,21
Chapter 35150,530Sep 06,21
Chapter 34172,114Aug 06,21
Chapter 33172,953Jul 07,21
Chapter 32231,853May 16,21
Chapter 31233,227Apr 10,21
Chapter 30272,831Feb 15,21
Chapter 29291,670Jan 24,21
Chapter 28248,734Dec 10,20
Chapter 27198,605Dec 09,20
Chapter 26212,364Oct 20,20
Chapter 25171,482Oct 20,20
Chapter 24205,689Sep 03,20
Chapter 23201,671Jul 16,20
Chapter 22265,632May 12,20
Chapter 21215,845May 12,20
Chapter 20378,267Apr 04,20
Chapter 19419,753Mar 09,20
Vol.3 Chapter 18633,960Dec 05,19
Vol.3 Chapter 17474,668Dec 05,19
Chapter 16464,242Dec 04,19
Vol.3 Chapter 15442,836Dec 04,19
Vol.3 Chapter 14524,202Nov 01,19
Vol.3 Chapter 13448,723Nov 01,19
Vol.2 Chapter 12583,352Sep 10,19
Vol.2 Chapter 11605,292Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 10518,960Aug 25,19
Vol.2 Chapter 9634,318Aug 25,19
Chapter 8595,687Aug 25,19
Chapter 7511,990Aug 25,19
Chapter 6576,626Aug 25,19
Chapter 5561,501Aug 25,19
Chapter 4532,986Aug 25,19
Chapter 3570,689Aug 25,19
Chapter 2604,375Aug 25,19
Chapter 1722,828Aug 25,19

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