The World of Lilith

Lilith, the first child of Adam and Eve, is often forgotten in Christian texts. She was banished from Eden for refusing to be subservient to Adam’s will after she had given birth to her other children. This series follows Lilith as she travels through the world that has been created for her, trying to find a place where she can call home.

RatingAverage 4.1 / 5 out of 24
RankN/A, it has 272 monthly views
AlternativeLe Monde de Lilith ; 莉莉丝的世界
Genre(s)Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural, Webtoons

The World of Lilith Episodes List

Chapter 5May 17 2021
Chapter 4January 13 2021
Chapter 3January 13 2021
Chapter 2January 13 2021
Chapter 1January 13 2021

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