The World Of Moral Reversal

Do you ever think about the world of moral reversal? What is it like to be on the other side of things? To see your life upside down and shaken around, with everything that once seemed so important now just a speck in the sky.
This blog post will explore what happens when our most cherished values are turned into their opposites.

We’ll examine how this might happen through examining manga’s take on it – an art form that has its roots in Japanese culture and storytelling tradition.

From there we’ll look at some examples from Western culture as well, including American comic books and film adaptations thereof, before concluding with my thoughts on why these stories resonate so strongly with us.

Alternative:貞操逆転世界 ; 贞操逆转世界 ; 정조역전세계
Genres:Adult – Comedy – Ecchi – School life – Seinen
Updated:Sep 17,2021 – 08:19 AM
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The World Of Moral Reversal Episodes List

A world of moral reversal new list has just been published on the Website. It’s called The World of Moral Reversal Episodes List and it is ranked by their moral ambiguity level, with one being the most morally ambiguous episodes to ten being the least. Ten seems like a low number but there are many episodes that seem to have no clear right or wrong answer in them.

For example, “The One With Ross’ Sandwich.” There were two people fighting over a sandwich; who was at fault? What does this say about our society when we can’t even agree on what is right and what is wrong? This also makes you think about your own life choices-are they good enough for others if they themselves may not believe them to be so? I

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 29: Her Thoughts Are Blatantly About Santa!15,209Sep 17,21
Chapter 28: Why Are You Dropping This On Earth? Temperatures Will Fall And It’ll Become Uninhabitable!23,955Jul 18,21
Chapter 27: 3 Hours Is Too Long20,902Jul 09,21
Chapter 26: Only Erotic At A Glance17,854Jul 09,21
Chapter 25: Hanako Cums In 100 Seconds41,262Dec 20,20
Chapter 24: Cum-Plete Satisfaction! One Bar Satisfies! Penis! Penis!31,714Oct 10,20
Vol.3 Chapter 23: You Know, My Mom Always Forgets Names Of Erotic Situations She Likes25,754Aug 25,20
Vol.3 Chapter 22: Bonerlover Station Kawashima31,689May 25,20
Chapter 21: First Time: Despair, No Matter What74,711Mar 02,20
Vol.3 Chapter 20: Re: Ero, Starting Part-Timer Life For Lewd Reasons95,874Dec 24,19
Vol.3 Chapter 19: The Non-Virgin Alchemist Shall Transcend Equivalent Exchange!92,580Nov 12,19
Chapter 1899,751Sep 14,19
Chapter 17: High Fever Of Unknown Cause From Another World103,940Aug 25,19
Chapter 16: Never Mind The Low-Profile Classmate90,456Aug 25,19
Chapter 1588,162Aug 25,19
Chapter 14: Hot~Hot~Hot~ Burning In The Hallway~♪109,114Aug 25,19
Chapter 1383,051Aug 25,19
Chapter 1283,242Aug 25,19
Chapter 1188,537Aug 25,19
Chapter 1099,327Aug 25,19
Chapter 998,537Aug 25,19
Chapter 8.592,003Aug 25,19
Chapter 897,995Aug 25,19
Chapter 7129,728Aug 25,19
Chapter 6133,322Aug 25,19
Chapter 5137,398Aug 25,19
Chapter 4154,895Aug 25,19
Chapter 3176,780Aug 25,19
Chapter 2251,871Aug 25,19
Chapter 1318,709Aug 25,19

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