Tono No Kanri O Shite Miyou

Tono No Kanri O Shite Miyou is a manga about an office worker who has been promoted to the head of his company. He struggles with his new position and fighting off the urge to return back to his old life. To make matters worse, he starts having flashbacks from when he was younger and bullied in school for being overweight. Will Tono be able to overcome these obstacles? Read on and find out!

Alternative :Tono no Kanri o Shite Miyou; Tō no Kanri o Shite Miyou; Получается, я теперь в ответе за башню; 塔の管理をしてみよう
Author(s) :Hayakaze
Status :Ongoing
Genres :Adventure – Fantasy – Harem – Shounen
Updated :Sep 03,2021 – 22:55 PM
View :7,944,854

Tono No Kanri O Shite Miyou Episodes List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 42: The 42Nd Floor: The North Tower51,064Sep 03,21
Chapter 41: The 41St Floor: Floor Exchange58,467Aug 15,21
Chapter 4079,839Jul 03,21
Chapter 3978,147May 29,21
Chapter 3886,974May 16,21
Chapter 3771,207May 16,21
Chapter 36: The 36Th Floor: As A Living God128,021Mar 08,21
Chapter 35: The 35Th Floor: God’S Blessing108,399Feb 06,21
Chapter 34: The 34Th Floor: Inauguration Ceremony97,169Jan 01,21
Chapter 33: The 33Rd Floor: The Troubling Oracle69,418Jan 01,21
Chapter 32: The 32Nd Floor: Dragons’ Summoning65,672Jan 01,21
Chapter 31: The 31St Floor: The New Installation Objects68,068Jan 01,21
Chapter 30: The 30Th Floor: The Spica God69,027Dec 14,20
Chapter 29: The 29Th Floor: Divine Power Is…63,569Nov 23,20
Chapter 28: The 28Th Floor: The Fight’S Reason55,578Nov 23,20
Chapter 27: The 27Th Floor: Floria Doria68,299Oct 21,20
Chapter 26: The 26Th Floor: The Worrying Oracle68,115Sep 29,20
Chapter 25: The 25Th Floor: The Fairy Yuri66,914Sep 08,20
Chapter 24: The 24Th Floor: Divine Power Studies68,782Aug 26,20 
Chapter 23: The 23Rd Floor: Lila-Amamiya66,108Aug 22,20
Chapter 22: The 22Nd Floor: Floor Merging66,543Aug 01,20
Chapter 21: The 21St Floor: The Elves Species70,907Jul 08,20
Chapter 20: The 20Th Floor: The New Division Managers70,805Jun 22,20
Chapter 19: The 19Th Floor: The Shapeshift Skill78,155Jun 06,20
Chapter 18: The 18Th Floor: The Spirit Dolly83,236May 27,20
Chapter 17: The 17Th Floor: The Defrayer Clan91,313May 20,20
Chapter 16: The 16Th Floor: Peach Train85,634May 15,20
Chapter 15: The 15Th Floor: Mixen’S Temple87,384May 13,20
Chapter 14: The 14Th Floor: The Addition Of Transfer Gates88,733May 10,20
Chapter 13: The 13Th Floor: The Second Divine Descend93,218May 08,20
Chapter 12: The 12Th Floor: Silvia And Colette95,097May 06,20
Chapter 11: The 11Th Floor: The Craftsmen’S Town Nansen92,517May 04,20
Chapter 10: The 10Th Floor: The Discussion With Schmidt97,451May 02,20
Chapter 9: The Ninth Floor: The Divine Tool Is Complete94,614May 02,20
Chapter 8: The Eighth Floor: The World Tree’S Fairies106,540Apr 25,20
Chapter 7: The Seventh Floor: The High Elf And The Vampire Princess108,754Apr 20,20
Chapter 6: The Sixth Floor: The Two Unique Items138,546Apr 08,20
Vol.2 Chapter 5: The Fifth Floor: Summoning172,492Mar 29,20
Vol.1 Chapter 4: The Fourth Floor: The Management Begins184,043Mar 01,20
Vol.1 Chapter 3187,419Nov 06,19
Vol.1 Chapter 2216,038Aug 25,19
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Friendly Land357,291Aug 25,19

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