Yuri!!! On Ice: Memories

Yuri!!! On Ice: Memories is a manga that captures the essence of Yuri Katsuki as his memories are continuously revealed. The series opens with Yuri in an unknown location, paralyzed and unable to move. He is quickly transported back in time to when he was younger, before he became an international figure skater for Japan’s Junior Team. Throughout the series, we see how Yuri’s life has unfolded from age 11-17; meeting Victor Nikiforov, getting injured during Grand Prix Finals in Sochi 2014, becoming captain of Japan’s Senior Team at 19 years old and finally retiring two months ago at 21 years old . His story tells the journey of one man who never gave up on his dreams even after many hardships came into play.

Author(s) :Saba Curry Teishoku – Andou

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Genres :Doujinshi – Romance – Shounen ai – Sports
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Apr 03,2021 – 03:37 AM

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Yuri!!! On Ice: Memories Episode List

Chapter nameViewUploaded
Chapter 57,104Apr 03,21
Chapter 44,908Apr 03,21
Chapter 36,572Apr 02,21
Chapter 26,883Apr 01,21
Chapter 110,067Apr 01,21

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